A family owned business bringing only the best of the best in terms of Amethyst, Citrine, Varieties of Crystals and other South American Crystals & Minerals straight from the mines.


E2D stands for the 3 Toazza's brothers, who all share a passion for the finest Crystals and Minerals. E2D Crystals was born out of a dream to connect these fantastic forms of natural art our hometown has to offer to the World.

We were lucky to be born in Ametista do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, which is considered 'The World's Amethyst Capital' and our story begins in the 1970's, when our father had a small scale industry of Amethyst, Agate and Citrine.

After years in the void, but being surrounded by these fantastic crystals, we decided that it was time to put our dreams, connections and experience together and E2D was created.

Our Mission

It's been a long journey to curate only the best Minerals and Crystals from Brazil while making sure that every item we sell was ethically sourced. We are proud to announce that all the Crystals and Minerals we showcase here were sourced from only small miners and lapidaries.This gives them the opportunity to have better selling prices, leading the path for the development of the whole supply chain, especially for the ones who need it the most, the miners and the small community of our hometown.


We are specialized in:

 - Brazilian and Uruguayan Amethyst

 - Citrine

 - Agate

 - Brazilian Pink Amethyst

 - Other World Class Brazilian Crystals and Minerals such as Natural

Citrine, Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Lodolite, Rutile, Mosaic Quartz,

and others.