Curated Crystals

A cherry picked selection of the rarest and unique Amethyst, Citrine, Pink Amethyst, and Collection Grade Crystals

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Focused on quality rather than quantity, our selection of Amethyst Crystals covers the cream of the crop Geode Cathedrals and Caves, Clusters, and Museum Grade Amethyst Crystals. All with the peace of mind of being Ethically Sourced.

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Straight from the mines, our selection of Natural and Heat Treated citrine englobes the best Geodes, Clusters and Forms, and all Citrine Colors: Yellow Citrine, Orange Citrine, till the rare Cognac Citrine

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Pink Amethyst

Here you will find World Class quality Pink Amethyst Geodes, Slabs and Clusters

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Pink Amethysts

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